We take our slogan "Innovations with Service" seriously because it involves the most important thing that we have: You! Read here what expects you at Mair Heiztechnik.

Betriebsgebäude der Fa. Mair Heiztechnik in Vilshofen, Allinger Straße

Mair Heiztechnik: Innovations with Service

Constant quality control: We examine the quality of our products and those of our suppliers with the aid of the company-own test bed and by using external surveys.

Fast and reliable installation, for example our patented wall heating ThermoArmier: Big panels can be installed in a short period of time thanks to our elaborated technology. And the highlight is that the reinforcement for the plaster is included in the delivery content.

Responsibility for health and environment, for example our underfloor heating Vita Floor: It consists exclusively of biologically harmless insulating material like woodfibre or hemp and domestic raw materials which grow again.

We don’t want to be good. Our objective is to be the best and true to this motto we work every day! Every day innovations!

Service means for us that we want to be the best partner for our clients. The entire know-how of our staff is available to our clients:

You have a question about our products? On our homepage you can find profound information and assembly instructions, 24 hours a day. And with regard to your e-mails, we are used to answer them personally.

A qualified individual consultation. When you call us, you are expected friendly. Our specialised departments will answer all questions profoundly. We support you with the integration of our systems into your planning: determination of the heat requirement, optimalization of the system...

Despite modern mediums of communication the personal conversation is very important for us. Because of this we dispose of our field representatives.

Delivery on schedule. While other companies practise outsourcing, we deliver our products with our own lorries. Our principles are punctuality, reliability and independence of forwarding agencies.

There aren’t any problems, only challenges.

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