MH Dry Floor System

Flat and Light: the Perfect Choice for Old Buildings, New Buildings and Wood Constructions

Fußbodenheizung Bodenaufbau Trockenbau Fertigbau Renovierung Altbau
floor structure

The laying of the MH Dry Floor System goes very quickly. The construction height of only 55mm and the static dead-weight of 34 kg/m² are an advantage for old wooden ceilings and also simplify the laying. The Multiflex Multilayer Pipe is just inserted in the shaped dry floor elements of Styrofoam (EPS 035 DEO 200 Kpa). The heat conduction fin of galvanised steel sheet provides an optimal heat transfer and the stability of the heating pipe.

NEW:with ecologic wooden fibreboard

MH Trockenbausystem mit Öko Holzfaserplatte

As an alternativ you can get MH Dry Floor System although with an eco efibre elements, made of  100 % pinewood without chemical binders.

The elements are ready shaped with reverse bents for meander-like laying in the head section, available with 10 cm and 20 cm pipe intervals.

Althoug with the eco fibre elements you benefit from the low static dead wight of 41 kg/m².

Your Advantages

  • extremely low construction height
  • low static dead-weight
  • already shaped dry floor elements with reverse bents and a variable pipe distance
  • fast installation because there is no need to dry heat
  • simple installation of the floor covering
MH Trockenbausystem
Multiflex-composite pipe in ready cutted panels of polystyrol
eko fibre board: fast installation and free of pollution