FRIGOMA Heating and Cooling

Keep Cool when it gets Hot

New Buildings have a up to date modern heat insulation. Large glas fronts provides for bright, light rooms and low energy consumption. But during the summer season the rooms heat up very fast. The heat can not discharge through the insulated building envelope. Persons, Lights and a high number of hardware are heating furthermore.

Usual air conditions need a high quantity of air for cooling a room, going on with unpleasant draught and noise. Our new FRIGOMA cooling ceiling enables a temperature exchange by radiation much more than by convection. This high part of radiation offers a better efficiency. Heat is already stopped at emmission.

Best for Renovation

At renovation projekts FRIGOMA heating and cooling ceiling offers pleasant comfort and well-being. The Application is easy and also at low room heights possible. The constuction requires only 54 mm for the substructure and standard 10 mm for the ceiling panel.

FRIGOMA für Renovierung und Sanierung: extra flache Aufbauhöhe

Your Advantages

  • nearly no sensible winds, no uncomfortable draught
  • noiseless heating or cooling
  • free cooling by heat pump possible
  • high effectivity because of large contact surface to ceiling
  • integrated insulation for high effectivity
  • ingenious toolless fixation
  • modules from 150 cm to 500 cm deliverable
  • installation not linked up with ceiling construction
  • operation possible before ceiling installation
FRIGOMA with acoustic ceiling panels
very stylish without cover (Foto: köberl döringer architekten)
Mair Heiztechnik: FRIGOMA Deckenkühlelement
and without insolation