Gomaklett Lock Loop System

Fast Installation, Flexible Construction

Gomaklett is the development of longstanding proven floor heating systems made by Mair Heiztechnik. It combines the advantages of several systems. Thanks to a laminated-on lock loop film on a shallow hollow-cell panel and a lock loop around the heat pipe, it adheres at the desired location by itself.

The connection between the plates is also based on the lock loop principle. With the MH lock loop connecting strip, the plates are connected quickly and easily.

The pipe with the circumferential Micro hook tape only has to be laid to the hollow-cell panel. The lock loop connection immediately ensures a perfect fit. An imprinted graticule serves as guidance. The pipe can even be removed and re-laid again.

Your Advantages

  • extremely high holding force due to perfectly matched pipe and Velcro film
  • simple change in position of the heating pipes
  • toolless 1-person installation
  • time savings compared with conventional systems up to 30%
  • no damage to the moisture barrier, particularly important for leveling screed
  • flexible installation in any form or distance
  • heat and sound insulation freely selectable, thereby clear separation of trades
fast one man installation
perfect fixation although in narrow turns
geprüft nach DIN EN 1264-2


Gomaklett, heat technical certificated according to DIN EN 1264-2 Reg.-Nr. 7F442-F