MH Pipe Grid System

Floor Heating System for every Case

The Pipe Grid System has been improved since decades. On a special pipe mat of 3 mm steel wire the pipes and pipe clips are fixed quickly and safely. A cover sheeting protects from humidity on the floor finish. Because of the separated system components each appropriate insulating material can be used.

Your Advantages

  • free choice of material referring to the heat and impact sound insulation
  • the grounded steel grid minimises ruptures on the floor finish
  • available in the sizes 5, 10, 15 and 20 cm
  • because of the tub high degree of security from humidity
  • DIN proved quality
MH Pipe Grid System: a common system with high quality
geprüft nach DIN EN 1264-2

MH Pipe Grid System
with thermical examination
by DIN EN 1264-2
Reg.-Nr. 7F046-F