specialist for difficult projects

With Renosonic you can also install a underfloor heating in difficult renovation projects. Because Renosonic is not higher than a conventional screed with a thin insulation with 40 mm construction height. No room height is lost.

The solution: Renosonic is integrating the heating tube into the eco-fiberboard. An heavy duty fabric creates a strong bond, so that even large format tiles can be used.

The highlight: The eco fiber board serves as an impact noise protection.

Your Advantages

  • integrated impact noise protection
  • super falt construction: only 40 mm
  • zero emission eco fiber board
  • fat heat becauso of low heating-up-time
  • fast construction becauso of no dry heating

impact noise protection15 dB

tested by independent test lab DIN EN ISO 10140-3 (DIN EN ISO 717-2)