MH Support Element System

Pipe Fixation, Insulation and Foil all in One

The stud plates system allows a simple and linear pipe installation. Heat and impact sound insulation is yet integrated in the support element. The heating pipe is protected between the studs so that the damaging during the constructing is impeded. Because of the overlapping installation of the stud plates no additional cover sheeting is necessary.

Your Advantages

  • quick laying system with studs, heat and impact sound insulation
  • exact pipe density with a 5 cm grate
  • free choice of the direction at the pipe installation
  • protection of the heating pipes during the entire processing time
  • overlapping masking film as safe moisture barrier
  • insulation strength of 11 mm without impact sound insulation, 30 mm with impact sound insulation
  • DIN-proved quality
MH Trägerelement Noppenplatte
Mair Heiztechnik for an healthy comfort
geprüft nach DIN EN 1264-2

Support Element
with thermical examination
by DIN EN 1264-2
Reg.-Nr. 7F282-F