Heatung with only 28 mm Construction Thickness

In distinction from a conventional underfloor heating system with heating pipes within a high floor finish, the heating pipes of ThermoFloor are directly located under the floor covering. A short warm-up time and an excellent controllability are the elemental characteristics of this system.

The simple and quick installation of ThermoFloor takes place as dry system. The Multiflex Multilayer Pipe is inserted in 18 mm high panels of cellulose fibres. After filling the floor cover can be laid directly on the panels.

Your Advantages

  • only 18 mm thin heating element
  • plaster fibre plates manufactured without adhesives, environmentally-friendly material
  • no need to dry heat
  • installation up to 4 weeks faster than traditional methods
  • low flow temperature
  • compatible with all existing heating systems
  • short thermic response time
  • energy savings through high controllability
  • highest comfort thanks to short warm-up time

flat construction

ThermoFloor: With an height of only 18 mm the perfect choice for renovation
geprüft nach DIN EN 1264-2


with thermical examination
by DIN EN 1264-2
Reg.-Nr. 7F211