MH Thermofoil

For Searching Heating Pipes in Wall Ceiling or Floor

Nailing and drilling without damaging the wall heating. With the thermofoil of Mair Heiztechnik you easily find the position of the heating pipes.

So easy you preserve your heating system from expensive harm. If you want to knock a small nail or drill a hole for a dowel: Before you begin, check the position of the heating pipes with MH Thermofoil.

MH Thermofoil: simple and secure

MH Thermofoil can be used with wall heatings, ceiling heating and underfloor heating. The covered surface shows you temperature differences by the changing of the colour. The location of the warm heating pips can be seen after only a short time.

You can also use MH themofoil to find leaks in your heating pipes.

MH Thermofolie zeigt durch die Einfärbung den genauen Verlauf der Heizrohre an.


MH Thermofoil belongs to every house with wall heatings.

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95 x 340 mm:
66,00 EUR +value added tax

340 x 480 mm:
175,00 EUR +value added tax


This is how it works:

Before the beginning the surface must be cold.

Increace the temperature by switching the room thermostat.

After a short time (dependig on the thickness of plaster or screed) the heating pipes are heaten up enough

Hold the MH thermofoil on the surface. The location of the heating pipe is shown you on the foil.