ThermoPanel Ceiling Cooling

Fantastic Climate at Home and at Work

Rooms which are flooded with light and a good heat insulating building envelope. Especially in buildings with high internal heat charges for example office buildings the technical operation is much more difficult during the summer than in the winter. Medical studies attest the positive effect of a comfortable indoor climate for the physical and mental performance of the human being.

The felt indoor temperature results of the air temperature, the average surface temperature of the ambient areas and the speed of the air movement. The felt temperature lies under the air temperature if the walls or ceilings are only a few degrees colder.

The perfect solution are ThermoPanel ceiling heating and cooling. Costly air-conditioners which often include an uncomfortable air draught become redundant. The ThermoPanel ceiling cooling consists of an 18 mm flat gypsum board with an already integrated Multiflex Multilayer Pipe.

Your Advantages

  • surface temperature which is similar to the indoor temperature
  • low movement of air, no cold air draught
  • cooling without disturbing noise
  • cooling with ground water possible
  • biologically harmless
  • low construction height
  • simple processing
  • diverse possibilities of design (for example on pitches of the roof)
ThermoPanel Deckenkühlelemente
ThermoPanel ceiling cooling: fast installation and high effectivity