With Healty Warmth in Line with the Trend

We spend about 50 years of our life in the own four walls. For this reason it is very important to take care of the health and to avoid contaminates in the domestic domain.

The VitaFloor underfloor heating system combines harmless raw materials which grow again with the habitual top quality of Mair Heiztechnik.

VitaFloor allows for the first time to realise biological needs and top quality also in the domain of the underfloor heating.

The heating pipe is our GOMA PE-X-pipe. All the other elements are biologically manufactured products: the bio fibre panel, insulation material of wood and hemp and a biodegradable intermediate foil. With VitaFloor you have the security to use absolutely harmless building materials without toxic materials.

Advantages at a glance

biologically harmless materials (natureplus and certified)

without binding materials

domestic raw materials which grow again, conservation of the raw materials

no dangerous perspiration

comfortable and healthy

simple and quick installation

manufacturing remains of the bio materials are completely degradable

Biological Floor Heating

VitaFloor: Heating in harmony with the nature
geprüft nach DIN EN 1264-2

VitaFloor Underfloor heating system with thermical examination
by DIN EN 1264-2

Reg.-Nr. 7F251-F